Was wrongly violated and ghosted

I was reported for pushback without permission even though in the logs it clearly showed I had gotten permission to do so. This happened at VTBS and my callsign was Red Cap 102. Is there anyway to remove this?

Edit: talked to controller and moderator and the issue has been resolved thank you for all your help :)

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Who was your controller? Please check your logbook and let us know :) Also welcome to the community !!

nope, dont believe it was me @Alphadog4646


Please don’t tag anyone If you are not sure of the controller. That will only cause more confusion 🙂

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It’s ok. i am the active controller. so it would have made sense :) no harm no foul.

just a matter of helping the user find the correct person


Once you do find the correct controller, PM them to discuss the matter.

This was already asked for :) no need to keep saying the same thing. we’re just waiting on the pilots update


Didn’t see that, whoopsie!

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My controller that session was Jamie Ye. thank you for the welcome :)

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How about we all wait for the OP to tell us the name of the controller before saying or repeating something that’s not needed several times?


@Jamie_Ye will contact you as soon as possible.

Please read this again all!