Was waiting on the runway

Hello I was waiting on the runway plane didn’t move at all but for some reason this user reported me <This category is for technical issues only.

Operating system:

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I sugger to contact the ATC person that gave you this vio

I didn’t cross the runway

Are you looking to appeal this violation?

Hello there! I see that you have been given a violation. If you deem that this was unfair and that you were following the instructions you can contact the activve controller at that time and @appeals. I suggest you also read this post Procedures for Appealing Violations and Providing ATC Feedback for more information on how to appeal your violation. Hope to see you in the ES skies soon.

If possible yes because I didn’t even move the plane its still on the taxiway

Send a DM to @appeals to resolve this matter. Have your replay ready, as we will need it to review the inquiry.