Was this Southwest's worst livery?

Southwest Airlines, the most norma ever thing to come out of Texas, period. The airline is best known as America’s most successful low-cost carrier and the most original. It was established in 1967 and now serves 101 destinations spanning across 10 countries, the airline is known for extremely low prices however one thing it isn’t known for is hideous liveries, until now.

So like I have mentioned Southwest flies to many destinations, some are normal like San Jose, some are not normal like Orlando. Orlando, a funny place where you can get with being insane among many other things. Orlando is actually one of Southwest’s operating bases due to it being in the south but not the west, it’s also where Seaworld is. So now you’re asking, what does Seaworld have to do with Southwest and how many more non-aviation related sentences can you fit in without this topic being closed?

Well, in 1988 Seaworld entered a marketing agreement with Southwest, after a while Seaworld then had some of Southwest’s aircraft painted to look like some of their animals. Enter Shamu, the killer whale, Southwest agreed to paint some of their boring, old not very good 737’s to look like Shamu and in 2012 the airline introduced “Penguin One”. Enter, the worst livery in my opinion ever, the 737-300 debuted as “Shamu One” in 1988 and to me, black looks really horrible on an aircraft. Shamu One and Shamu Three made their final flights in 2012, Shamu Three in 2013 while Penguin One is still flying

Seaworld cut ties with Southwest in 2014 due to animal welfare concerns and all of the remaining aircraft that were once part of the “Seaworld fleet” have been painted back to normal Southwest colours. It represents an interesting time in Southwest’s history, a time where going on a flight often meant having a whale of a time. Tell me what you think

Was this Southwest’s worst livery? image credit


It probably is, doesn’t look that good to be honest


I would say its brilliantly unqiue but maybe was delivered wrong, its ok not too hard on the eyes.


What did texans ever do to australians that they can’t write a text without mentioning them.

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I went easy today ;)

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That livery was iconic.


I agree…the Shamu livery does look hideous

Btw, how is it strange that Southwest flies to Orlando

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It’s a meh, it’s not great but it’s for a good cause so it’ll probably remain

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it was a joke, I was referring to Florida Man :)

Im somewhat struggling to really see the animalising the livery… Have seen much cuter or better made animal liveries. Thanks for this very interesting article though, always nice to learn something new!

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Thats one of always voted as the most ugliest liveries. thats unique but i think the 737’s upper cockpit glass brokes the uniqueness



I like the shamu aspect of the livery, but I liked the canyon blue version a lot better. The desert gold just makes it seem like it’s swimming through really dirty water.


He also forgot the Air NZ all blacks and United Black star wars livery

I like the idea of it, but some people disagree with what they do so it is a bit culturally insensitive

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I kinda like the colors, and it’s not that hard on the eyes. And tbh the orca is a very cool animal, and even though it’s called a killer whale, it’s actually an oversized dolphin.

Orca is cool. But the desert gold makes me think of a… well, desert. Orcas live in the ocean. So I like this livery with the canyon blue😉

I don’t see what the issue is, I like it lol

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Perhaps unpopular opinion Southwest has never made a “bad” livery. I absolutely have favorites among them, but I wouldn’t call any of them bad…

Can’t wait till @Joseph007 sees this… 😂

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Oh boy where do I even start.

Don’t get me wrong, the desert gold livery underneath looks absolutely stunning. I would prefer the desert gold over the canyon blue livery (sorry @Luke_Sta). But a whale on a plane? It just looks bad, especially the tail section because the tail of the whale is just so misplaced. Also the design on the engines just don’t look good either, looks not the greatest.

I’ll give em an A for effort. But not my favorite.