Was this Infinite Flight's greatest ever update?

Infinite Flight, the flight simulator that I can actually understand how to use. The simulator that started in 2011 as a mere dent in the market has turned into one of the powerhouses of mobile flight simulation, it has expanded to cover the entire world and many families of aircraft. So besides global what was the biggest update the simulator has ever seen?

As the update looms and people get all excited I think it’s time to look back and focus on the past. The year was 2015 it was a time where I had only just started waiting for my Spirit flight after it got delayed (I’m still waiting to this day), when a corona was a drink and when I started annoying you all with my bad jokes. It was a different time and so was the game with Global still being a while away, Carson was still a mod and most importantly the A320 came out.

The A320 was revolutionary at the time, it featured 4K textures, a then “whooping” 22 liveries and improved aircraft rendering. This may sound pretty standard now and while many loved features such as wing flex and live cockpit were added later it was the start of something new, a new era in the simulator. The updated added built-in video and timelapse support for Andriod, something we now know as “replays”. I’m not saying this was the flashiest ever update, there were plenty of ones with more features however this one paved the road for something new, a new era, a new road.

The new update is quite possibly weeks not months away, as much as we are all ready and excited for the future it’s important to look back on the past and realise just how far we’ve come with incredible developers like Laura and the gang. What do you think Infinite Flights greatest ever update was?

This is how far we’ve come, Global Flight teaser image credit


Global definitely. I think 20.1 will rightfully deserve second place.


Global will always be the hugest update. From 18 minute KLAX-KSAN flights to legitimate long haul, nothing can top global.


The most influential for me was when Live was introduced along with the Citation. Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe it was the first mobile flight sim with multiplayer.

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Whooping sounds eh, bad.

Amazing topic, I joined pretty late, as in late 2019.

I may have been here for a little over half a year, but I feel like I’ve grown up with the Infiniteflight community. It’s like a home, a place to make friends and share ideas.


Without doubt live was the biggest update in my opinion. I remember when live dropped and we’d all be spawning in Half Moon Bay

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Global is probably the biggest
With live ATC and multiplayer being the most underrated
Imagine the mess we’d have today if devs had chosen to stay with Unicom over Live ATC

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I remember being so thrilled by doing a 5 minute flight in the citation with other aircraft.
Every subsequent update has amazed me. I think that those of us that were on infinite flight in the beginning appreciates each update a whole lot more because we’ve seen such a leap in the standard of the sim.


I’m still struggling to believe that the first Infinite Flight trailer has over 4 million views.😂 But seriously, 20.1 is probably seconded by global.

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lol Hands Down Global then 20.1, think thats the answer for most IFC members

P. S. They taking too long with this update, not getting me excited anymore

You need to be patient ;) It will be an update worth waiting for.

Hopefully, just kinda dumb that they said a specific date and it is way past the date, now if they told us it was coming at a specific date, I would expect to see it on that date. No offense to IFS bc they are working hard, but if you give a deadline, at least stick to it. All they had to say was it was coming in September or whenever they were planning to release it so they can work on it and still give teasers while we are waiting.

Besides Global and live i’d have to agree with you on the A320 update!

Surly what we have coming up is going to better than that right?

They said it was a Spring update but their spring ends on the 20th of this month.
So i think its still on time for now.

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Besides global, it was live. I remember I was hyped lol.

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nvm then, I count March - May as spring and June as summer because its always hot in June and thats also when Summer vacation starts for me

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My top 5 greatest updates.

2.Live/Citation x
4.MD 11/DC 10
5. Maybe 20.1

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I was disappointed with 20.1 when I realized that only the 772-ER was being reworked. I was excited for the 77F and 773. When I heard this, I was immediately disappointed. Although center control and taxi charts look nice. I would rather wait for all 4 of them.

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They will be here in some months in the meantime we will enjoy the new features 20.1 will give us.

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