Was this correct?

So, I was controlling KLGA on PG and someone spawned in a 747-8 (N551OG) I told them that their aircraft is too heavy and then they takeoff without even contacting tower. Then they spam that they’re “going around”. Then I told them that they’re aircraft is too heavy and that they should follow instructions and check help pages. Was this correct? Because it was so annoying. I hope they learned their lesson because they took-off with full flaps (happily stalled and crashed later on). I would also like to issue a request for revamping the aircraft violation please :)


Your not qualified for ATIS, this part was not correct.

Other then that, this was correct.


Oh yeah. I forgot that I clicked that by mistake (frustrations)

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Did you report them?

I don’t have the correct rating

Don’t listen to the low rating thing, it still does report them.

I pressed it, nothing happened

It still reports, even though it does not say so.


If only we could ghost. But yes, you were right.


Nope IFES tested it. 1 person on controlling and then 2 planes. We found a person not following instructions and tower clicked the rating too low button and then the 2 pilots clicked the report button and nothing happened.


Oh, I didn’t know that.


Yeah but it’s fine lol. Even on the advanced server at KASE people are in 757 and atc is fine with it

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But the biggest aircraft for KLGA IRL is a 757 (a significant notch down from a 747-8😂)

No I talking about just in general. This infinite flight so ofcourse it’s not going to be 100% by the book. Most atc just let this slide

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#San Clemente 😂


You did fine, I repeat please follow instructiosn twice before other comments. Just let the members of the server report him.

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Exactly. That’s a perfect example of not 100% by the book. Just to also prove my point, Advanced Controllers control there and allow 744 to land there.

But there was no one else besides @Phoenix1

Dont worry about him them, hes looking for attention from the ATC. Don’t bother with him

What I mean is that he was the only other one there besides the guy in the 747-8