Was there a livery addition?

I seem to be noticing new livery. I haven’t downloaded the update yet though, is this usually sent through the app?

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No, there are no new liveries in 19.3. However, Tyler stated that the developers have the ability to add liveries to the sim without an update, so keep a close eye out. 😉


And this has been done before

I remember we had 5 or so new A320 liveries as a ‘surprise bonus’ a year or two ago.

Actually new liveries were quite frequent last year. I guess the 3D artists are hard at work on the A350 and 777 liveries. Which is what we want.


Nice. I’m excited to see where this game goes. Props to you all who’ve been with it since the start.

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For me I don’t see anything

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Take a look here Infinite Flight 19.3 in Glorious HD

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Is there a PC version for this game?

Unfortunately not, but we all can’t wait for the announced liveries!

cough cough allegiant A319

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