Was the F-14 cockpit removed?

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Was the cockpit cam for the F-14 removed?
Currently flying the F-14 and it’s no longer there, going from the hud view to the exterior views and I don’t know if it’s a glitch or not or even if this has been brought up before

I’m not labeling this under support, since I don’t think it’s a tech problem, and it’s just more of a question

It does seem like the F-14 cockpit was removed until a rework happens. For now, HUD view is the only option.


If I recall correctly, in the update where Legacy aircraft got the “Legacy” label, some of them, which unfortunately includes the F-14, had their cockpit cameras disabled when you’re flying. Oddly, however, it is still present in replay mode for all aircraft.


Thanks for the speedy response, confirming it’s not just me, as well as confirming the worst

This can now be closed

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Well this is news to me, I don’t quite get why they’d do that though

Thanks for some further info though, at least I’ve still got older versions of IF at my disposal!

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I can still get it somewhat with the interior free cam, although no hud, so I guess it’s not all lost

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I think it’s just an old aircraft. Some of the other cockpits were removed from other aircraft after the release of the 22.4 update. If you want it to have a rework. You can vote for it here. :)

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