Was on final with minimum fuel , ATC gave no crap and no mercy

i was on final approach ( 1st go around already done ) runway 25 R ( b4 go around runway 25 L ) i had minimum fuel and could have landed but ATC told me to go around even after an emergency request . Was it my fault or ATC’s fault? I would rather not share the ATC’s username due to obvious reasons

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You literally showed a screenshot with his name on it lol


Didnt notice that hold on

Why you covering his name up

He isn’t going to call you out or anything 🤦🏼‍♂️


I just wanna know if its my fault or his , i would rather avoid any conflict

I heard you constantly saying “4 minutes left” or “5 minutes left,” I was on final at 25R

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Remember that during busy times you should expect delays and prepare with extra fuel. It’s already a high stress time for controllers so just exercise patience.


Quick thing, even emergency aircraft have to unfortunately go around sometimes too, whether that’s their choice, or the situation is different than the pilots think, so the controllers tell them to go around. Also, this is a sim, try planning better next time, also, please check how to provide controller feedback here: Procedures for Appealing Violations and Providing ATC Feedback - #29


You were going 180 to 200 kts on short final and within 1 nm of the traffic ahead of you when i took the frequency, if you are low fuel, you need to put yourself in a situation in which you can land, not be on top of the aircraft ahead of you.


how did you send “Minimum fuel” callout?

You need to have been flying for minimum 1 hour and have less than 30 minutes of fuel remaining.