Was in Queens today, took some pictures

Today, I was in Queens, and unlike you, I’m not the one who goes out of their way to planespot, but if I see an aircraft, I’ll take a picture. My great aunt lives in an area where planes descending into LGA pass over about 3/4 of a mile away, so you’ll sometimes see neighborhood because I was always almost too late. I also passed by the LGA tower (of course the LaGuardia sign was covered by a van and only airport shows), and took a picture of an aircraft on the ground. I only saw American liverlies.

I’m not too experienced, first time doing it, but how do you take pictures so close to the aircraft, and do you expertly recognize the aircraft in the pictures.

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Welcome to Queens!

No, I was only there a few hours.

Was that an android camera?

No, it was an Apple iPhone camera.