Was I wrong?

Hey a while back, I requested pushback and the controller said hold position. (This was on expert server) I think he forgot and this was about 4 minutes later so I requested pushback again and he said avoid sending duplicate messages. I waited another few minutes and the traffic has died down and thought he would let me pushback but he wouldnt. I said I’m sorry, still nothing so I just left. Was there something I should have done?

Yes, 4 minutes is too short to request again. One time, I had to wait 20 minutes to get my clearance. Sometimes you need to have patience for it.

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Alright then
I don’t record though so I wont have any vid.

And that, Infinite Flight has a replay system which you can see your previous flight. It’s an amazing stuff. You can access by going to the menu and click on replay. Click the flight you want to observe again. You can record the replay.

Thanks guys will do. When servers are up

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Best would be to contact the controller directly via a PM and talk about it. No point asking a third person who wouldn’t know the controllers reasoning. If you can’t find the controller, let us know.


If you were in a busy airport then this is totally normal. Being patient is part of a good pilot and you will need to accept ATC instructions all the time once they are seeing what you are not.

Contact the controller. The rest is just speculation.

The most common reasons I leave someone sitting there are:

  1. Two aircraft spawned in one another — I’ll leave both holding until one leaves

  2. Taxing traffic that will conflict with the pushback

  3. Field where pushback would prohibit the movement of aircraft exiting the runway

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20 minutes at the gate when there Is no traffic?

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I don’t think you were wrong at all.

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When you request something from ATC, they get a orange flashing light when getting a request. Usually, if they haven’t answered, they still have the blinking light. He did have some knowledge of your contact.

I don’t why, he didn’t let you pushback after dying down traffic :/

20 minutes?? You must have been at a jam packed airport

From the IFATC side, i use a hold position to help the flow, or if you are in a spot where aircraft taxi routinely and you’d block the taxiway / cause traffic build up.

For example, was at egcc a few weeks back and it was insanely busy. Only one runway can be used for take off and one for arrivals due to the runway set up. As such, with 100+ aircraft in bound i had to issue a gate hold, put a timer, and only have a few aircraft push and taxi at a time as i could only have 3 or 4 taxiing to cross the runway while others were exiting and parking.

With only a few moving, it looks to other aircraft like nobody is around them and I’ve forgotten them.

I haven’t. They are on a timer and I’ll get a reminder when it’s your time.

(All of this said, i can say I’ve forgotten about people in m push queue before and all of this is for nothing)


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