Was I wrong here? - ATC

So I was flying from Miami to Tampa. And on my flight plan there was an active air port. As I approached I contacted the tower and requested a transition. Now my understanding is you request transition if you are flying through (but not directly over) towered airspace. They asked me to check ATC tutorials.

Pic is mid turn as I was in a 747-4 doing 300kts so it was a wide turn which is why I slightly deviated from my FPL

Was I in the wrong here, or them?

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You were above the required FL to request a transition. Basically you didn’t need to request anything.


Ahhhhh, this makes sense! Just for record what is the max alt before transition is needed?

I believe IF has it set for 5,000 feet.


You should request transition only if you’re 5,000 ft or below the towers airspace. :)


I agree with @Flightfan84. But what if that happened on the expert server and they ghosted you. Could you report them?

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However, I’m impressed, you checked on the forum after getting the message, n.ow you have learned and will be a better pilot for it


I do not know of a controller that would ghost for that sort of thing. It is the same as if we ghosted for people who asked to remain in the pattern and then took off and left the airspace. Follow the existing ghosting protocols (screen shot, pm the controller/mod) and it would be straightened out or explained.


I not saying it has happened but I am saying if it were to happen.

Considering that you’re not really interfering with anyone else’s IF experience, I would be surprised to hear of someone being ghosted for this exact scenario. Repeated requests, sure, but you asked one time.

And I gave you the answer.

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You will find this thread of interest ! :)


I just realized that.😀😏

That’s how I learned many things, still constantly doing so, great point Adam. Not to hijack things, but I have a related question I’m still unsure of- here’s a situation I find myself in occasionally: I takeoff from an airport with active tower, I fly the runway heading for a while, then when my configuration is cleaned up I turn to find my heading, and it’s basically a 180 that takes me straight back over said airport, climbing but still under 5000. Do I request a transition, or was that implied when I requested takeoff “departing [x direction]”? Maybe I’m supposed to fly the runway heading until I’m above 5000 and then bring it around?

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It was implied, most likely you will get a freq change before then so no need to contact again to ask if you can fly over. If It is busy I don’t want to deal with transitions just after takeoff, after all how do you take off without going though towers airspace?


Oh my god… Someone asking a question nicely about interaction with ATC and learning from it??? Is this opposite day???(extra question marks because Carson likes them)???


Fair point, thanks for that. I just don’t want to irritate a controller by flying straight through the pattern when an atc has written me off, but this makes sense. If you don’t mind another :) …when tower approves the frequency change, what do I do? I usually just hit ‘back’, don’t transmit anything to anybody, but I figure that still leaves me on the board for the controller when he really just wants me gone, is that ok?

Just contact the nearest unicom freq

Also, if tower gives you freq change hen switch to any unicom but if contact app/dep then contact them.

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I forgot my pissy introduction…

I know of no IFATC that ghosts for errant Transition Requests.

“Check Help” isn’t a penalty. It is meant for exactly this: figure out what happened.

For the record, it’s 5000 feet AGL. So, 10,000 MSL at Denver, for example.