Was I meant to check in with approach?

I was en route to Heathrow when I got a onguard warning saying I need to contact Lille approach. Once I got this, I checked in and carried on as normal. Was I meant to check in with this approach before I got the warning?

I think it depends how far out you were. I believe at 50 nm or less, radar can on guard you.

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I don’t think I was 50 nm from lille. I just flew over holland

If you’re above FL180, there’s no need to contact approach for any reason. Even if your destination is that airfield, approach should only be contacted under FL180.

In your case, it looks like the controller was at fault. You didn’t need to contact him, so feel free to ignore him in the future if it occurs again. :)


Thanks for clearing it up. I just wanted to make sure

Which server was this on?

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Training server

Ah, well then like TaipeiGuru said above, you’re all good.


Happy flying :)

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Hey! Sometimes the controller might press the wrong button. Usually when there are not a lot of aircraft I’m controlling, I just tap op airplanes to see who they are and where they’re headed. But if you want to view that info, there’s a chance you can accidentally hit the on guard button.

Stay safe!


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