Was I in the wrong?

So I was taking off from KLAX a little while ago. The ATC told me to contact approach, so I did. The first thing I did was check in. Then the ATC told me to look on the forums for how to use ATC, was I in the wrong here or was the ATC at fault?


Nope. You’re good. You were simply following ATC instructions.


Was this on the Expert Server or Training Server?

If this was Training then this is expected as tge ATC isnt IFATC trained. If this was Expert than this is another story…


check help pages message was withdrawn from training server a while ago. so he was probably on the expert server. i guess what you did wrong was on departure you were instructed to contact approach by tower that is okay as that was the frequency available. but instead of checking in. you could have requested flight following or may be radar vector ( for nearby airport). checking in and usleslly clooging up the frequency is not a good idea as atc can see your flight plan that you are departing that airspace. approach is probably busy in guiding inbound flight to the runway…
Nikhil Goenka.


You should check in with App on departure. They should just respond radar contact and leave you be unless they need to maneuver you around inbound traffic. However, this was at KLAX and IFATC is not at KLAX today so he must have been on TS. He did everything correctly if he checked in with App and continued on his planned flight.


but then how come he receive the chek help pages message on training server…?

It was on Expert, but it happened awhile ago, not recently. Just making sure I didn’t do something wrong.
Thanks guys! :)

Unless there is a departure frequency open. You should switch to whatever frequency tower tells you to go to.

If it happened a while back then we cant really ask the controller if it was on expert. Things happen, commands go to wrong planes. Or they were expecting you to ask for flight following or something other than just saying With You. I think we are making this a larger thing than it is.

If it happened on training, just say ok and move on with your day.

Grasping for guesses here - if you don’t know why you got the message you are coming to the right place - and that’s great - but without the right info. Take a screenshot of your ATC log and radar when this happens so you can bring more info to the conversation.

Another possibility could be that ATIS said “straight out departures only” and you proceeded to turn after lifting off…

Anyway - guessing won’t help much. :)

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Yes if there is departure it is different but I rarely see Dep online.

In some ways yes, but keeping the realism here you ALWAYS check in. Then they respond with “radar contact”and then your response would be “request flight following” they usually give it to you, and eventually send you to a different frequency.

Checking in just creates white noise. When requesting APP/VECTORS you should join the frequency and request it immediately without checking in. If you were instructed to switch to the frequency and require no services from them it is ok to check in.

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Adding on to what @sk28 said, please don’t check in and request a service. One or the other. If you do both you’re just clogging up my frequency, and that really annoys me 😉

But if you aren’t requesting anything a check in is just fine.

Exactly, as I said above if you do not need any services you can simply check in.

Did you have a filed flight plan? (Not just one waypoint)

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