Was I Ghosted?

I was just on expert server @ KATL…was cleared for takeoff by ATC then all of a sudden I was alone on the map. I had the all green connection check in the upper right hand corner…it still showed me on tower frequency as far as ATC but no planes no response…just me…I exited the flight …looked at the map before I respawned saw planes at gates…resplendent then saw nothing just me…went to the training server and spawned at KLAX and was able to see planes along with communication with ATC

You weren’t ghosted… There appears to be a server issue.


Phew 😆😆…thanks


For future reference, you will receive a message on your screen if you are ghosted. That message will give you the reason as well.


Yes. You will get a message if ghosted, and will be able to see it in your logbook.

Thank God. I might have started off as an arrogant WRONG controller (which thank god I have matured 😂😂…thanks to this excellent patient community) but I haven’t received a ghost since coming to the expert server so when I saw just me alone and a good connection I panicked 😳😂😂😂


Try and keep it that way. No wonder you panicked

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Temporary server issue, all sorted out.