Was ghosted on advanced

ATC of Advanced is often come with warnings follow the instructions.
A result, lowered the grade, received a ghost.
Advanced Server ATC is, in some cases good, sometimes bad. It is indeed unreasonable.


Did you PM the controller to ask why he did it?


The mistake people make is going on advanced when they are still new or inexperienced. Take small steps towards advanced. Start with just pattern work and then when you’re comfortable with that, try a distance flight. Take this advice from me as it will help you. I’ve never been ghosted before because I follow this personal guideline I’ve created. Start small and work your way up. Don’t just jump on advanced and fly from SAN to LAX with little experience.


You’re making a point here without even giving a justification or example.
You just want to add one more post saying “Advanced ATC is bad”. You sure it isn’t you the bad one? Here could be the reason why you’ve been ghosted. (actually have you been ghosted?)
Please try to make accurate topics, giving at least examples, because just saying advanced ATC is bad won’t help anybody.
I’ll add to that what @Tecnam2TA has said.


Adding to @Tecnam2TA
You seem to be simply inexperienced.
Your on the community, so use it to your absolute maximum potential.

We have tutorials through the roof here, aswell as friendly members who are happy to assist.

I’m afraid I have to disagree with you about the ghost it’s being unfair… Why You Ask?
Welp. Like you said yourself, you received warnings, again warnings. This is ATC saying: “Hey, that’s not right, if you still don’t understand, maybe divert or quit the flight to avoid a ghosting.” You can’t be upset with them if your at fault, it’s that simple.

So again. Utilise the forum my friend.


Sure I would be inexperienced. I’m flying 350 hours, but such a thing is the first time.
It can’t be said that all Advanced ATC is bad for this.

But, This case,
I requested a takeoff, but waiting and instruction have come from ATC just before the runway. So I was standing by. Then “Say intentions” and instruction had come from ATC, so I requested a takeoff again. Then I have come from ATC with “Please follow instruction”.

Can it be said that this is correct ATC?
I think “NO”

When ever something like that happens,take a screenshot otherwise i dont think mods can do anything.

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Contact the guy that was controlling for more information.

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ATC Moderator
If you are ghosted and don’t know why or want to challenge it, TAKE A SCREEN SHOT immediately after the ghost. We don’t necessarily need the name of the controller as this information is included in the log. More importantly, we need a screen cap of the map AND ATC log.

Controllers are strongly encouraged to screen cap each ghost and most do. However, having the pilot log and map are always helpful.

As far as controller accountability goes, there is no comparison between the level of moderation and scrutiny they are subject to and that of pilots. Not only do they have everyone flying under their control constantly judging their performance waiting for the opportunity to complain, but they also have the ATC Moderation team evaluating every controller, on every frequency, whenever ATC is active. We re-train, demote, and remove controllers constantly as a result of their performance.

We’d could be so lucky to have a similar program in place for pilots…


Posted by Joe last night to remind you to take a Screen Shot

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Yourself at that time, screen shot did not take. So, there is no evidence. But if, very annoying if I such ATC is to Advanced. Because you receive a warning despite the follow instructions. This time, I think that was my bad points as well, but it is very unreasonable.

Thank you very much for your message, everyone.

Wait. Was this at PHTO? And we’re you in a 747?

I was on the added server yesterday and it wasn’t very busy either, I had to request pushback twice, request taxi twice and request takeoff. Fair enough it their was lots of traffic but there wasn’t, is this normal (I was waiting for two minutes waiting for pushback before I requested again)

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If only we had the real life computers like they have at Dubai international airport. And their radar screen. But we don’t so yes you may need to request maybe once or twice just like in the real world

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