Was ghosted for taxing through others when I wasnt

I was reported falsely for taxing through people when I wasnt

Take a look at your logbook and contact the controller that ghosted you.


Just realised that your TL doesn’t allow you to PM someone. If you can provide us the name of the controller that ghosted you, I’ll get them to contact you when they’re free.


IFATC will reverse ghosting when applicable. We gather the facts of the case. There is no need to say thinks like ‘Don’t bother to try and rectify it’.

There was obviously a reason why they didn’t reverse the ghosting, but ghosting complaints are handle on a case by case basis.


Look at your replay again, to make sure it was really a glitch.

The ghost was unfair because my iPad lagged out and I moved a bunch of places randomly

Who was the controller that ghosted you. What is the name in your log book?

Whether or not the ghosting was fair, this is the only way your ghosting can get resolved.

His name was masonh2479

@masonh2479 is your guy

The OP is new and cannot PM the controller.

@3ampotatochip we will reach out to the controller and have him contact you.

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