Warranted go-arounds: how good are we as pilots and ATCs?

There are a number of situations when a go-around is warranted: overtaking another airplane, wind shear or unstable approach, just to mention a few. In IF, some of these situations are detectable by the ATC (airplane in the runway), and still ATC does not instruct for a mandatory go-around and we pilots continue the landing approach with a plane in front of us. If we are serious about flying, I wonder why in so many situations we simply overcome the basics about safe flight procedures. My personal approach is: I want to follow live procedures as close a possible while practicing in the simulator, including crash avoidance, even if the simulator does not detect the crash. Would you agree with me?


I agree I wish more TS1 pilots did this.


In my opinion, it’s because the go around command in the ATC box takes too long to find/put it through. Go around should be just a one button hit sorta thing, instead of taking forever to select the choices for the aircraft. It should just be, boom, go around. And then tell them pattern instructions after the threat has been adverted


Yes, pilots should always declare and execute a go around if they are in a situatuon that warrants it. Training server definitely has more situations where this is necessary, but expert server is where you will find more pilots (percentage wise) who actually execute it.

As a matter of fact, I consider the training server an excellent environment to practice crash avoidance: So many planes, so many unexperienced pilots and so many incorrect ATC commands will demand full usage of your skills to avoid crashes. Too bad, IF does not score proper flight procedures.

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Depends on your definition of realistic.

To me, attempting 5 landings in a day on TS1 and having to conduct a ‘go-around’ on 4 of them due to bad ATC or bad airmanship by other pilots is so unrealistic it’s not funny. If I’m not on expert server, I have come to the conclusion that I completely ignore other pilots who are showing zero courteously and respect for others (ie cutting taxi line to enter runway without clearance).

I am a real world Instrument Rated private pilot and I’ve been flying for just over 5 years. I have NEVER had to conduct a ‘go-around’ due to traffic etc. I have only ever executed ‘go-arounds’ in a training aspect (excluding missed approaches due to visibility)


never conducted a go around due to traffic? ive done go-arounds sometimes due to traffic but also and see if i can still do them

Nope, not even close. ATC has never put me in that position (which would probably warrant an ATSB investigation) and on advisory / Unicom I’ve never had the issue either. There’s a severe lack of skill and communication amongst at least one of the pilots if it ever happens

Hmm, I’ve done a few go-around in my life. Most were only for practice and 1 was for another reason. Got to keep those flying skills sharp


Na, I’m happy having to avoid people on live

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