WARR (Surabaya Spotting)

Hi guys! This is my spotting pict during my trip to singapore… the quality might be worse than my last pict but enjoy…

Royal Brunei B788 V8-DLC (Rare Traffic)
Garuda B738 PK-GMF
Garuda A332 PK-GPR
Lion Air B739 PK-LOJ
China Airlines A333 B18351

As usual… any criticism are welcomed…


Beautiful photos! I love that Garuda A332

Good Pictures But U can make the picture brighter :)

Not my usual standarts actually. All of this pic was taken from the gate while i’m waiting for my flight with PK-GMF…

Brunei 787 is a real beauty 😍

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I wish they bring the 787 regularly though…


How often do you see it at WARR?
And is it more common to spot in Jakarta, that is if they fly it to there…?

Actually today is the first time that i see a dreamliner in surabaya, they only bring their dreamliner for the next 4 days due to high season. Royal brunei did fly to jakarta but they usually bring their 320s to jakarta…

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Nice shot!
Wanted to be able to do plane spotting at this airport. Hopefully one day my local airport can also serve international traffic like this, which is where the new airport is being built …

Its not skyteam livery unfortunately… But at least its easier to spot in jogja…

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You are so lucky to be able to spot Royal Brunei 787! Never been able to see RB send their 787s to CGK before, but would love if they can send one in the future :P

Awesome shots! That A332 reminded me of PK-GPO which I took a month ago. Missed that bird already. Looking forward for more 😍


I agree,they only send it for 4 days,since i dont want to miss it i came a bit earlier to the airport… I believe its the first dreamliner to have landed in surabaya… I wish qatar would serve surabaya… Or SQ changing their aircraft from A330 to 78X…

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wish i can fly with GA on sub-cgk route though…

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I do hope SIA can send their 78J not only to Denpasar (The only confirmed destination in Indonesia). But hopefully to Jakarta and Surabaya aswell. 😍

They already confirmed the 78X to denpasar?

They have since 2 weeks ago ;)

Singapore Airlines schedules 787-10 Denpasar service from July 2018 - RoutesOnline.com

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