Warning: you have too many tracked new and unread topics

I have this warning “Warning: you have too many tracked new and unread topics, clear some using “Dismiss New” or “Dismiss Posts””.
How do I do this?

Go to https://community.infiniteflight.com/unread and dismiss posts

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Thanks, that worked :)

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Now I am still getting the same warning. Probably because of all the “New” topics. Is there a way to get rid of them?

Go to the same link, but click “Delete Topics” instead

This is what I get at that link, don’t see anything about “Delete Topics”

You have no unread topics ^^

I was able to dismiss the unready, it is the 500 tracked new, I can’t get rid of. So the warning remains at the top of the page. No biggy, just wish it worked like other forums where you only see the new posts since your last visit.

It is what it is.