Warning when approaching overspeed/ max allowed speed

Red overspeed warning at 250 kts until 10,000 ft :
(Idea by reading this topic for this actual request)

Hello guys I didn’t find a feature request for this one but what do you guys think if we receive a yellow warning when we are approaching (not yet over) a speed restriction (250k@10Kft) like 5 or 10 knots under that speed.

My speed :

245 : yellow alert for 5 seconds : Approaching maximum airspeed allowed under 10’000ft.
248 : red alert with the same phrase.

The same type of alert when we are close to reach overspeed (350kts or less regarding aircraft proper restrictions).

Tell me if it’s duplicate pls, I didn’t found an open topic about this.

Let’s vote and debate !

Theres is some kind of warning already. You can see it clearly if you’re at your device

So there’s no overspeed technically I believe til 260kts and after 20 seconds. I’ve been at 255 and had no issues other than Skyhawk telling me “Let’s watch our speed dumbass” via In Flight Assistant