Warning to all Zello users.

As a general warning, there is a Zello channel which I very much enjoyed using. Sadly, some of the moderators and admins that maintain the channel have bullied and harassed myself and others into leaving the channel. Admins on the channel tend to be very power hungry, and are willing to ban you for the slightest issue. One admin in particular had a special dislike towards me, and after many attempts to ban me, I left myself due to his harassment. I hate to call out his channel, because the owner is a great guy. But I feel it is unfair to others to not share my experiences. The channel name is “Infinite Flight ATC Center”. I would suggest avoiding this channel, but if you do choose to use it, please be aware that harassment and bullying is a problem among the some of the staff. Thank you.


Thank you so much for telling me that! Because I was about to use them for “professional use” but this has made me go away from them!

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This is why I don’t use Zello. The developers have inbuilt ATC, with money. And although many people use Zello, I still want to have original “features” that the developers have spent good money on.


I use zello to get a more realism of ATC like being told to taxi via certain taxiways but if this was implemented into the game & charts in game I wouldn’t use zello.

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I have EGBB open on Zello if you want to stop by

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Sorry I can’t have exams tomorrow & have to revise but its my last set

Ok, have fun with that :)

Haha will try of your open tomorrow let me know I’ll stop by.

Zello is 99% of the time used on the FF server. As for the ground taxi layouts and progressive taxing, all I can say is that it is in the works. Patience is key.

For more information, check this thread: Airport Diagram Program in Infinite Flight

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  • I stand corrected on that point :)
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I work at Zello, how could Zello become a better companion app?