Warning system between frequencies

These days, there are less uneducated pilots around in ATC Playground, but still they are alive unfortunately. (I’m not talking about novice or new pilots I just talking about who have enough flight time or XP to behave as others) Even though, there is report system, it is really unlikely to work in a serious situation or unreliable. Therefore, I came up with an idea that allow ATC to share the information about the pilots. Work in order like below.

  1. A pilot starts to fly unacceptable way.

  2. ATC controller first try to stop what that pilot is doing.

  3. ATC controller report that pilot.

  4. Share that information to the other ATC if they got connected by that pilot.
    (Either by color of the letter or some message etc.)

  5. ATC controller can get attention to that pilot might mislead controller.

  6. When pilot ended flight that record go away and start over from the beginning.
    (Alternatively we could keep that record for the month or for a week)

My idea is not to ghost (coz many people want to ATC Playground as learning place which I can’t agree, but you know people argue all the time, but some people must accept even they don’t like.) s****d pilots just to share the information within ATC (no other pilots).

Anyway, I do remember pilots’ call sign like PPPPPP which is blow my mind everytime. (I’m not sure for the username, so I just wrote call sign, but call sign isn’t bad the pilot is brainless


Hmm I believe this is for Features… I like your idea though!

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