Warning On Runway

Hey everyone I have a question I was landing at KFSO and then I got a warning saying I’m overspeeding but I was on the runway could someone please help me I’m lucky I got no violation.


Hello :)

That happened to me once as well. It’s an incorrect message. Nothing happened though, you haven’t got any violation.

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Ok sorry about that

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There are some runways where the initial part is still yellow lined like a taxiway so you have to be careful not to pickup any significant taxi speed until you roll onto the main rwy for takeoff !

Must be a glitch, last time I landed there I was fine! Which runway was it ? Maybe only on that runway has a glitch! Contact the developers or support!

It was runway 28L

If you land on the blast pads before the threshold, it’s not part of the runway.


Could be a landing before the threshold (what @Tim_B wrote) or a wrong indication.

Had a similar issue on departure in LICA yesterday where the backtrack part of the runway wasn’t shown in the app as a part of the runway. After reaching the runway‘s threshold the warning disappeared, as did yours.

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