Warning of speed

Today I was doing a flight in a 777-200er from KIAH-KDEN because they did it in rl and when I was approaching my speed starting going up and I was below 10K, so it went to 260something I put flaps down, spoilers etc and it went down about 3 and back up

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This is a known issue with the B777 aircraft and the aircraft is being reworked. A way around it is to arm flight spoilers during descent to keep you speed from shooting upwards.

Yes it went higher than 250 and wouldn’t go down, but @Declan_O answered it

Are you sure you were at an appropriate VS?


It’s not really an issue. It’s a slippery bird that you have to learn how to control during descent.
Real world pilots who flies the thing confirms the same, and also did so during the physics rework that was done on the aircraft in 2016.


I would imagine that an aircraft with that kind of weight (and therefore inertia) can gain speed very quickly during descent if the pilot isn’t careful. I’ve spoken with IRL 777 pilots, and they explained to me that they taxi slower because the plane has so much inertia. It takes a lot more force to stop a semi tuck than it does to stop a Subaru.


Once you get the hang of the 777 landing style, you can pull off some pretty slick landings, especially with the -300ER.

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You should also learn the power and effect of the AOA and how to control it so you rely less on your AP and AT…you will develop much more confidence in your aviating acumen !

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