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Ok first off I would just like to say, that I have read how to contact a controller, moderator, etc. Still I had trouble. Even though I found the correct ATC name, it would not show me that person’s name anywhere on the page, when searching with “Ctrl+F” After following the procedure to PM someone. I found his name. Manually searched, then used Ctrl+F. I may have made a mistake I don’t really know. So I do apologize that this is not going through the proper channels and may cause a bit of unwanted activity on the improper channels. I am sure that the moderators are quite busy with trying to respond and whatnot to all the comments they receive. And I trust that this will be transferred over to the proper channel and/or moderator.

With that said, this brings me to the issue I came across this evening. I should say first, that I am not a newcomer to this sim. I have used it quite often before. I made it to G5 a few years ago. With around 7 violations, I think. I quit for awhile. And am seeking a pilot’s license in real life. A few months from now I begin my training. So, I started using this sim again, as a way to refresh and hone my skills.

Now, to the point and issue I had tonight -

I was flying patterns at EGLC. At approximately 11:30pm to 12:10am (CDT) All was well.
I T&G 2 times. Then on the third, I came to a full stop. Then a controller change was in progress. IFATC Wilco062 took command of ATC. From which point, I requested taxi to RWY 27. Then later T.O. Remaining in Pattern. I flew 1 or 2 patterns with ATC. On the last pattern, I was simply instructed “#2 Traffic to follow is on final”. I obeyed. Then I was told to extend downwind. I obeyed. Then I was instructed to turn base. I obeyed.

Noticing I had not been cleared for landing, I took out a notch of flaps and pulled the gear up and maintained 120ft over the runway. The last pattern instructed, was right pattern. So I continued in the same pattern, turning right downwind for RWY 27.

At this point, I already suspect, he is about to send me a ghost warning. So I get my screenshot fingers ready. lol. Funny not funny, really. Then he gave me the follow instruction/ghost warning.
I screenshot it. And from there on out, I took screenshots of every communication thereafter.
I will provide them below.

Before I do, I want the moderators and Wilco062 to understand this:

I am currently G3 with zero violations. And I don’t intend to get any. Yet I do understand it does happen. People make mistakes.

I completely understand, that when frequencies get busy or you have other people not following instructions, (which there was one, he ghosted someone before I requested T.O.) and you often times have a lot on your plate. And may be used to… well lets just call it what it is… ignorant people. I however, am not one of them.

I enjoy communicating with ATC. And I trust their commands. That is the SAME reason, why I did not choose to land. I had no clearance. He just said, “behind the traffic on final”. I received no clearance. So what am I to do? Trust ATC? Or trust my instincts, in conjunction with the commands that ATC has given me, and decide the best outcome? That is why I did not touch my wheels to the strip.

Now, with all of that said… Sorry it this is so long, but I have given you every detail possible. I am not mad at Wilco062. Mistakes happen. And if I happen to be in the wrong, then by all means, please inform me. I am no stranger to constructive criticism. The best thing about a mistake, is that we can learn from it and get better. I would suggest that all ATC review their past commands, before threatening a ghosting. Just as I do as a pilot, and other times playing ATC in the Training Server. A person was ghosted 5 minutes or so, just before I received my warning, for taxing on grass. I thought I was next. Although, the other ghosting was fully legit. I saw it myself.

In conclusion, I hold no hard feelings. Just wanted to bring this to the attention of Wilco062. As this is the only way to communicate. Wilco062 is a very good controller. All was well, up until this point. He delegated commands effectively. And in a very timely manner. Very efficient execution of commands.

Unless I am mistaken, I think he just got off his game, having to deal with that other guy taxing on the grass, and refusing his instructions and not responding to them.

He might have thought he cleared me. I was just thinking that if I land without clearance, I get a warning or ghosted. If I don’t land and remain in the previous pattern that he instructed me to, I get a warning or would be ghosted. So I chose the best option available to me. Because he thought he gave me clearance. Yet none was given. So “wheels up, flaps up. Continue in right pattern.” Were my thoughts.

If I made a mistake, let me know. I will own up to it. It will be a lesson for me. If you made a mistake, Wilco062, it may be a lesson for you. Either way, I look forward to your reply, and to have you as a well respected ATC again. Request permission to fly in your skies Sir? :) Good Day.

Screenshot_2019-03-19-23-52-37 Screenshot_2019-03-19-23-52-44 Screenshot_2019-03-19-23-52-57 Screenshot_2019-03-19-23-53-02


First of all, welcome to the community!
Correct if I’m wrong, so you were unable to contact the controller.
If that’s so, it’s: @Wilco062
Next time if you want to find a user here, press the 3 stacked lines up the top right and press users then search there

The pictures uploaded out of order. I read through in chronological order the best I could, but there’s still no way to really determine from that what the PFI was for. We can’t see what’s going on at that point,

The only time I see you report position, he replied roger on the full stop. If he didn’t clear you, yeah, that’s still needed, but that was well after the PFI, so I’m not entirely sure how the two are connected.

@Wilco062 would be the name you’re looking for.

Slightly off topic, This out of all the ghosting complaints that are publicly posted wins for most formal. You have not screamed at any controller and you have shown your opinion with some reason. Welcome to the IFC!


So you did T&Gs and landed, taxied to parking, and took off again for T&Gs, and then got ghosted upon not getting clearance? He should have cleared you for the option, yet again. “Number 2, traffic to follow is on final” is usually a message sent along with “Cleared for the option, after the option make XXXXX traffic.”

Good Morning
I had differences with ATC for too many orders, it’s in my post “two orders” and I’ve already been punished for not understanding and making the decision that was better for me at the moment.
But one thing I learned here is that the Infinite team has the competence and patience to help for sure will find a solution and an explanation for what happened to you, it was so with me.

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Welcome @VAR88 to the IFC. This is a very detailed post for a new user. On to the real point.
ATC didn’t clear you to land or for the option. In this case, the proper procedure is to go around and climb to pattern altitude, then turn crosswind in the direction you did the previous pattern. Doing a low pass with someone on the runway is very risky; you could even hit someone’s tail. So next time, don’t do a low pass over the runway, go around if you need to.
ATC likely didn’t clear you to land because someone was on the runway, or you were interfering with other aircraft.

@Wilco062 is real world A330 pilot 0.0 …I don’t think he needs lesson from here, must be misunderstanding. I would not question his ATC ability :)

Thank you for the help.

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Nobody was on the runway when I passed overhead. Also, I did turn to crosswind. I’m not trying to bash the guy. As I stated in the original post, I think he just forgot my to give me clearance.

@VAR88, let’s bring this to PM so we can discuss.

I cleared you for takeoff (left traffic). You did a left traffic, and I had a traffic back tracking the runway at an unusual low speed, so I prompted you to extend downwind, and when you had enough spacing I called your base. Now since the frequency was busy I forgot to clear you for the option, which can happen.

If a controller forgets to clear you, you can always report your position as a reminder for us and most of the time we’ll then realize we forgot you. If you’re not cleared to land or option, you can’t touch the runway, so you did a go around (that you also should announce), that was correct, and that’s the moment I realized I forgot to clear you for the option. Although, your previous pattern instruction was a left pattern, and you did a go around to the right before I could instruct you anything. That was the reason for the warning, although I should’ve sent the simple warning since I wasn’t even close to ghosting you, so my bad for that.

TLDR; Go around and went on the wrong pattern side, I warned but I wasn’t going to ghost.


I don’t know how to PM you yet. I couldn’t find the option. Let me know how and I will do so. You are absolutely right though. I should have stated my current position and followed the last pattern I was in. I was too busy thinking that you were about to ghost me. Plus with the screenshots of the comms. I got distracted with that and forgot my flight pattern.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. This has been a learning experience. :) Also, I didn’t mean to put you on blast by not sending a PM. But perhaps others can learn from this scenario as well.

Anyways, I hope to see you again and cruise in your airspace Sir. You are an excellent ATC. I’m glad this is all cleared up now. Thank you, good day. ;)

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You need to be at thrust level 1 to send a PM. Just participate a little in the forum and you will level up soon.
Welcome to the community!

You can find IFATC members here!

This may not be updated though.

All IFATC members are on that list as of right now. :)


We don’t systematically ghost like that without warning! I personally only ghost when there is deliberate trolling or someone ignoring instructions purposely. I think we can all understand people can do mistakes and that definitely includes ATC.

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