Warning Kindle Fire Users

Recently I purchase the New Kindle Fire. I found out IF is NO longer compatible with amazon Fire. This is NOT an IF issue. I was assured by Dave that this app has not changed. If you have not purchase IF from amazon, it is no longer available for Kindle Fire. If you purchased it, it is no longer available to download to your Kindle (DO NOT UNISTALL THIS FROM YOUR FIRE.) You will NOT be able to reinstall it. I sent a complaint to amazon and this was there reply.

Hello, Thank you for contacting Amazon.
I am sorry to hear that you are unable to install “Infinite Flight” app on your Kindle Fire. We really do not want this our customers to experience. I have checked our website and regret to inform you that “Infinite Flight” app is currently not compatible with your Kindle Fire device. That why you are unable to install it. Please understand that the compatibility option of devices depends upon the developers of the apps since these are developed by them. I hope you understand the situation, I am taking your feedback in this regard and sending it to our amazon appstore team, they’ll contact with the developers and there might be some progress with the compatibility in upcoming updates. However, If you’d like to request that a certain app be made available, you can submit feedback from your device to our technical team. Swipe down from the top of your screen, and then tap "Help.” Select the “Feedback” option and follow the on-screen instructions.

As of now I can still use IF on my old Fire. It will show up in my cloud for this Fire but not in my new Fire. If I uninstall it I am almost certain that I will not be able to reinstall it.
I do not how Global will affect this in the future. I just (as I was typing this) installed a new plane and it did work. So if Global can be purchase the same way then you should be able to upgrade to it.


Other people have been having this issue but david says it doesn’t exist.


This issue is NOT IF fault. This is an issue with Amazon. Why can I still run it on my 2014 Fire but not install it
on the 2016. Updates work and I just installed a new plane! So what is making it not compatible if it is working with the Fire that Amazon is saying is not compatible?


I got this response

When something we control is verified and concluded, the issue becomes solved. This doesn’t necessary mean all other angles or potentially responsibly parties don’t remain, it’s just that nothing further from our end can be done. We verified compatibility, and availability as well as confirmed we have not made any changes in respect to those questions. The issue now moves from our control and points to another source. In this case that would be Amazon. Whatever reason they have for causing their customers grief, is their responsibility to resolve or address. I know that doesn’t bring any satisfaction to you or other affected Amazon customers, but it’s not a support issue for us. It is a support issue for Amazon. That’s why I closed it. All that could be done from our side has been done. I hope that helps you understand why I closed the ticket better.

I would suggest that everyone who has an amazon fire file a complaint with amazon on IF.
Maybe if enough people complain about it amazon with fix the problem.


Let’s hope so. It doesn’t make sense.


I have been in contact with amazon. Here are my result:
07:52 AM PST Alekhya(Amazon): Hello David, my name is Alekhya. Please give me a moment to review the previous correspondence.
07:54 AM PST Alekhya: Thank you for waiting.
I understand your requirement of getting the Infinite Flight - Flight Simulator app to work with your New Fire HD 8 tablet.

07:56 AM PST Alekhya: I’ve researched the above title and confirmed that it isn’t available for Fire tablets at this time. We’re constantly adding apps to our Appstore selection, and apps unavailable now may become available in the future.
07:57 AM PST Alekhya: I’ll let our Digital team know you’re interested in this feature.
07:59 AM PST David Crandall: You sent Infinite Flight Devs a page of compatible devices and the Kindle Fire HD 8 is on that list. Why is all other apps I purchased from you installing on the new Kindle except IF?
08:00 AM PST Alekhya: I am sorry David; however, you can see whether an app is compatible with your device from the app’s detail page. Select the “compatible devices” link under the “Buy” button, and a list of your devices compatible with the app will display on screen.
08:02 AM PST David Crandall: You have also marked IF flight not compatible with Kindle 7 that it is currently running on and I have just purchased from you other inside app for IF and the purchase went through and installed fine,
Check your page and it shows the My Kindle Fire 2 as not compatible.
08:04 AM PST Alekhya: I understand your point. I am really not sure how the app is working with your Kindle Fire HD 7", although it shows not compatible on our website.
Can you please check for the app version installed on your Kindle Fire HD 7"?
08:05 AM PST David Crandall: OS
08:06 AM PST Alekhya: That is the device software version.

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen to open Quick Settings, and then tap Settings.
  2. Tap Applications, tap Manage All Applications, and then change the filter to All Applications.
  3. Scroll through the list, and then tap the app to view all its information.
    08:06 AM PST David Crandall: Let me assure you as loyal customer that IF flight is compatible with Kindle Fire.
    08:07 AM PST Alekhya: I totally believe you with it. However, like I mentioned, I do not have further information on how the app is working with another fire tablet.
    That’s the reason, I’d like to check for some details, before I can further research on it.
    08:08 AM PST Alekhya: Please follow the above steps to check for app version.
    08:09 AM PST David Crandall: Infinite Flight is listed.
    08:09 AM PST Alekhya: Tap the app to view all its information.
    08:09 AM PST David Crandall: I have it up
    08:09 AM PST Alekhya: Did you find the version listed?
    08:10 AM PST David Crandall: 16.12.0
    08:11 AM PST Alekhya: Thank you.
    Will it be fine I take 2-3 minutes while I look into this for you?
    08:18 AM PST Alekhya: Sorry to keep you waiting.
    08:21 AM PST Alekhya: I’ve researched with my resources, but unable to find a solution to get the app work with your Fire HD 8.
    I’ll escalated this issue to our technical experts who will be able to provide further guidance.
    Here is Case ID: 0103564957 for your reference.
    08:21 AM PST David Crandall: No problem. I just want this fixed, Other in the IF community have Kindle Fire. You and IF are loosing sells by marking not compatible.
    08:21 AM PST Alekhya: I will personally follow up on the case and contact you with an answer within 1-2 business days via email.
    08:22 AM PST Alekhya: I understand David. Customer feedback like yours helps us continue to improve the service we provide, and we’re glad you took time to let us know about this glitch.
    08:23 AM PST David Crandall: Is there a way to make it available in my cloud for Kindle Fire 8? If I can install it I will let you know if it is working okay.
    08:25 AM PST Alekhya: Unfortunately, that’s not possible. We do not have the option of manually adding the app to your Kindle fire’s Cloud.
    You’ll only ever see apps and games that will work on the device you’re currently using. The Appstore app won’t show you titles that aren’t compatible with your device.
    08:29 AM PST Alekhya: David, are we still connected?
    08:29 AM PST David Crandall: Yes
    08:29 AM PST Alekhya: Would there be anything else that I can assist you with today?
    08:30 AM PST David Crandall: Not really fixed is it? I will wait to hear from you again.
    08:31 AM PST Alekhya: I’ve escalated this issue to our Engineers who will be able to provide further guidance.
    I’ll personally contact you via email within 1-2 business days with an answer.

So if you have Kindle Fire with a OS above 4.0 you will not be able to re-install F if you have to reset your Kindle for any reasons. In addition if you by a new Kindle Fire you will not be able to install IF. I am not sure what is going to happen with the new IF upgrade to global. You may or may not be able to install it.

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Thats what amazon said to me when amazon video wasn’t streaming properly, I never got any email…

What Kindle Fire do you own. I am curious to see if anyone has a Fire higher then the Fire 7 HD and if it has IF installed and working. I would like to also know what the Fire OS is. Since amazon states that it should not be working with OS 4.4.

I don’t I’m talking about Amazon video on my Mac and iPad, pretty much saying they aren’t the most reliable support people as I never heard back from them

Amazon fixed it, it was an error on their end, please try to see if the app is available now.



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