"Warning - Idling on the Runway"

I was back taxing to RW 26 at EIKY and just as I turned around to take off I got a warning to say that I had been idling for too long on the runway. How is it possible to comply with this rule when you need to back taxi and of course when you are slowing down and preparing to turn you will have the engines at idle?

Yeah, it’s an awkward one especially at airports like EIKY where you need to back-taxi. Personally I’ve never had this problem, taxi faster would be my solution

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If you are back taxing fast then you will have to idle to slow down. But if you back taxi ar a normal speed (no faster than than 35knts) you should not need to idle :)

You can set the throttle to 1% I believe and that should stop it. Or when it comes up with the warning, just give it a birst of thrust for literally a second, then back to idle, even if you hold the brakes on for that time.

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Seems like there are going to be more unintended consequences of these new automated warnings. Hopefully they take a look at this one anyway.

If you believe that is was a fault in the system, shoot a moderator a message, be sure to have your replay ready to be shared.

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This is also a problem at the many unedited airfields that have no parking to spawn into. Spawning is on the runway with engine running. If you take too long to file flight plan and set AP you can get this warning. I have found it necessary to immediately taxi onto the taxiway, do my setting up, and then get back on the runway.

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