Warning box shows up for landing/strobe lights

Only to be on expert server, you’ll receive a warning just like when overspeeding if your landing or strobe lights are on when NOT on a runway. It would work the same way as other warnings work, this is because I see too many people either taxiing with them on or leaving the runway after landing with them still on. Only for aircraft equipped with strobes. Would also be nice if we had taxi lights too as I know some prefer to use landing lights as taxi lights. This is mainly to stop people taxiing with strobes on.

why do we need this its just lights and its just a minor thing which shouldnt give a violation


Actually it would be a bad idea for violations. Yesterday I had a horrible landing try, 2x go around, it was an Odyssey and after that I just dont had the capacity in my brain to care about small lights.

Those violations would be just a reason to fly on TS


i do think this would be way to strict, and this is just bad for everyone and everything, not a good idea


I use Landing lights in low visibility, sue me.


Well… Since the TBM doesn’t have a beacon and uses a Strobe I’d feel bad for those guys


No, this is not a good idea, there would only be like 1% of people grade 4 and 5, so many people would lose their grade

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yea it is annoying but I dont think it is really worth it. I use my landing lights as taxi lights so it is also really not fair @Jack_Nolan

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And the prize for most unwanted feature request goes to… ;-)


My vote would be in education, not violation.


I don’t use landing lights while taxiing but people prefer that because we don’t have taxi lights. Because if that i don’t agree with you on this issue.


I agree with you about strobe lights. Some aircrafts haven’t got beacons and they use strobes but except those aircrafts, there should be little restrictions. Maybe less xp or warning etc.

I think violations are too harsh, however, it might be nice to have sort of an info box pop up when you taxi with strobes and / or landing lights on that they should not be used. That I could see the point in.



Have edited the post

How best would we educate people? I have edited the feature now

I don’t agree this deserves a violation, even for people who know when to turn on/off the lights it’s sometimes really easy to forget to turn on/off the lights when entering/exiting the runway if you’re concentrating on other things.

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I will give this a a vote. This idea is much better than giving the pilot a violation!

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It’s expert server so I think it make sense

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No longer for violations, just a warning/reminder box

I also think it would be nice on the other servers too just so more inexperienced pilots could be educated.

Gives a good perception of how many are doing it wrong then