Warned about ghosting for...following ATC instructions?

Not much else needing to be said.


Please PM the controller. They are the only one who can tell you why they sent that message.

Edit: The controller was @Juan_Oosthuizen


Possible communication errors with ATC, I would recommend you talk with staff if these problems persist. (Also talk to the controller for better understanding).

@Michael_Corpus Expect a PM soon👍🏻

Just had something similar at Cairo been reported for apparently not following instructions despite been given a clearance “number 4 cleared to land” so reported final and then got reported despite been cleared to land so don’t really understand what I did wrong if someone can explain would appreciate it!!



It may be the same controller but can’t find out because I have been set to a grade 2 also the call sign was Omani 771 sorry forgot to mention it