Warm Winter Day Spotting | @KDEN FEB. 20th 2021 Pt. 1


Back here with another spotting topic. On Saturday Feb. 20th Me and a few of my friends went out to the airport to go spotting. We did a solid 2 and a half hours of spotting. Our main goal was to get UA star alliance 737-800 and Her Art here California 757-200.

Starting off we have a United 757-200 on short final on runway 16L arriving from Newark.

Next up we have a Star Alliance United Boeing 737-800 arriving from PHL. Literally one of the only shots of this plane that came out somewhat sharp. Pain.

Next up is a Delta A220/CS100 arriving from Salt Lake City on the short hour flight.

It’s great to see Frontiers A319 come back out of storage. They were put into storage at the start of the pandemic and they finally came back out of storage a couple of weeks ago. Here’s Erma the Ermine climbing out of DEN heading down west to San Diego.

The main attraction of the show. Her Art Here California a United operated 757-200 climbing out of Denver heading down to Kona. I finally got this plane after trying so hard to get it back in July where my pictures came out all messed up because i had the wrong settings. It was great to finally see this plane especially in some nice light.

Where to begin with this picture… IF you cant read then this plane us N772UA. This plane was arriving from Chicago and then would later continue onto HNL or at least it tried too. This was the exact plane that had the engine failure shortly after takeoff out of Denver. My friend Hayden or @Speedbird5280 on Instagram was fortunate enough to catch the plane when the right engine was on fire and his picture has gone viral. It’s pretty surreal to think that this planes next flight would be involved in a serious emergency. I wasn’t able to get the takeoff because the flight was delayed an hour so I unfortunately had to leave but it’s pretty crazy how all this happened 30 minutes after I left the airport.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program. Here’s a southwest 737-700 taking off out of Denver heading up to Hayden, CO. (Aka steamboat springs) I love how southwest’s 737-700 are being equipped with split scimitars.

Finally to finish out the day, Here is a United 777-200 taking off out of 25 heading down to Maui. I love that this angle turned out sharp enough and the clouds in the background add some contrast which really makes this shot.

Camera Body: Canon EOS Rebel SL3
Lenses: Sigma 100-400mm
Editing: Adobe Lightroom Classic and Adobe Photoshop

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Have a great day/night y’all!


Great shots as usual, Tyler!


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That 757 livery tho

jealous @Wattsup_jet noises


These are incredible!

Also you have no idea how jealous I am since United doesn’t fly 757’s to Europe. I only get to see their 787’s and 777’s in their standard liveries if it’s their new blue livery it’s at least nice to see.

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Yay A319! Nice to see one’s still around (actually three, with one still in ROW but hey that’s something)

stunning shots as always tyler, maybe sometime we’ll spot together lol

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cool shots ‼️

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Sixth first reply hehe

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You did an amazing job taking those airplane pictures

Can you please try to get a private jet at KDEN

Awesome photos!

It’s quite rare to see private jets at Denver. Although I have gotten a few there.

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Dang, that’s a nice right engine you got there…it would be a shame if it suddenly failed…

In all seriousness, lovely job! I always love these Denver topics, such a cool airport!


My favorite! Wonder why xD


I’m sensing a theme here

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tyler is punching the air rn


Nice shots especially the A220 I’m literally drawing the same livery

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Incredible stuff Tyler! great seeing you again. On another note, you have some of the last photos of N772UA’s right engine intact, consider sending them over to the NTSB incase any abnormal details are found.


The Delta A220 is so beautiful 😍

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Probably might have to try go spotting once near LGA I get arrivals and departures on rwy 4 and I live on the pattern. They be probably around 500 Ft about the top of my house which isn’t really tall. Im estimating about 600 ft is how high when they pass over my home.

You should definitely try spotting and see it’s your thing.

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