Warbirds in WWII museum

Here are some interesting planes that I saw at the museum. I don’t know much about them, so correct me if I am wrong please. Feel free to discus about warbirds, stories from veterans, and questions on this topic.

Here is the Corsair, my personal favorite warbird.

Here is the C-47

Here is the B-17 which is one of the coolest planes to exist.

Here is the most iconic, P-51D Mustang.


Interesting photos, they tell so much history! The B-17 has such an unusual shape. It looks like a mini B-24 Bomber combined with some sort of boat.

The Corsair is a beauty too! Do its’ wings fold back for carrier storage?

Super cool pics love the old war birds

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I know, what the b-24 is. However, they only showed the nose of it there. Bombers back in the day were interesting indeed.

I wonder what it was like being a gunner in the nose area of the B-17…just imagine witnessing a landing from that point of view!

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Boy do I love my WWII warbirds, looks like it was a fun trip!

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Surely was a fun trip. Even with social distancing with mask. This was in New Orleans. We just stopped by to see the museum then when went on to Destin Florida. (I know, hotspot to hotspot). It has been a week since I gotten back, and I am fine.

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The wings do fold back for storage.

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The B-17 is a fantastic aircraft! Hopefully we can get it implemented in IF soon!
Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress (All Variants)


B-17 is so beautiful, but I think the B-25 is better in my opinion.

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They are all so great! Lol

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