Warbirds In A Hangar

Hey, it’s you! It’s the person that clicked on this topic!

Well now that you are here I need to impress you.

Hmm. what do many people like? Warbirds? Yeah. Hangars? Yeah. Aight then I got something for you.

A little arctic camo helicopter!

hey that’s not a warbird!

I know, i know…

Do these qualify?

Some nice reflections!

Some little details to appreciate the true beauty of these wonderful birds!


Ok i hope you enjoyed these shots!

These were taken at a small airstrip in France and the cool part is that every single plane photographed here is still airworthy and flies at least once a year.

Thank you!



reflections are nice

cool photos @Robertine!

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Dang these are really cool photos! Better than any A220 that I’ll see. 😏

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@El_YuainXD thank you!

@Pilot_Felix thanks for starting a chain of comments that will bump my topic.


nice pictures

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Very nice photos. Love your attention to detail

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Ok, you impressed me 😂.

I agree

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What a great topic! Thanks for sharing

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I love the dramatic photography

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