Warbirds at my Local Airfield

Hey IFC I thought I would share some of my photos from Chino (KCNO) with you. The photos will be all warbirds pretty much. If you wish to use these photos please credit TheFlyingGuy1 All photos below were taken with the iPhone XR. Pictures were taken on June 22 2019.


The iconic tri-wing aircraft the Fokker Dr.I

Here we got the T-6 Texan

Here is a Mig-17 I’m pretty sure

Here we got a Republic R-F84G

Here we got an old Rolls Royce Turbine Engine. Might be wrong but that’s what it looks like to me

I think this is a North American T-2

Here we have a F-86 Sabre

Here we have a Grumman OV-1

And lastly we have the P-51 Mustang

Hope You Enjoyed!

If I made any mistakes on naming the planes let me know. This is from my knowledge of just recognizing planes.


awesome stuff, dont know if your purposely doing it as a joke but the Mig-15 is actually a F-86 Sabre

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I think this is an F-86 Sabre if I’m not mistaken?

Rip. I’ll fix that

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