Wanted planes in IF

Hello everyone, I have created this topic just out of curiosity. I have a couple of different planes that I would love to have added to the sim. This topic is a place where we can talk about different types of planes and what would be cool in IF. Please let me know if you have any opinions about this idea (maybe you don’t like the idea).

Talk about your support for new planes in the #features category.

To post a topic in #features you must be TL2

Just keep liking and reading and you will be there in no time!



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Ok I will how can I change that?

Don’f post to #features unless you have a feature request, vote for your favorite aircraft. :)

Hello! You can make a features request for the aircraft you want. When you make it, make sure it is one feature per request, and it is not a duplicate. Please wait until you are TL2 to do so though.

It is not that I want to do necessarily get planes added to infinite flight, but more so talk about what would be cool

You can talk about that in the appropriate topic
Ex, talk about 777 rework in 777 rework topic

Unfortunately you must do this through Feature request. feature request is when you ask devs and others how they would feel about the things you want to see come into infinite flight you post in features request, then people will vote and share their opinions with you if the community likes it then there is a possibility it can come to IF in the future
As well as if you look around in feature request maybe some people have already created some of the things you might want to see come soon

So you want to talk about the future additions in Infinite Flight? I recommend you talk about it here: