Want to see Swag? Here you go

You cam here for Swag I see. Well. Swag.

***Swag below***

United airline flight something from Washington DC to great New York
767 (Got double bedroom)
If you get the reference, good job


Extra Swag

JetBlue flight uh. Something going to jfk from Boston for maintenance

I don’t work for infinite flight, but go get mercy to look ultimate Swag
Jokes aside, I hope you enjoy the Swag 😎


I suppose that is quite β€œswag” 😎

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That photo was swag

Ultra swag mode activated


Swag overload.

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Wow… Too much swag πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

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This amazing resolution and amazing moon…!

Awesome shotss. The wing view on the third pic looks so realistic i love it 😁😁