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I recorded a video of me showing an example of not doing a certain step in a procedure on IF. I held an iPhone above my screen and recorded on the Camera app. I tried uploading it, but it said it couldn’t upload it due to the fact it wasn’t .png or .jpg or whatever. Can someone tell me why this is, and how I can upload this Camera app video to a post?

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Because video files cannot be uploaded directly to this website.

I gotta create a channel to upload. Is there an avoided path to that, or is it absolutely a must do?

You will never be able to upload it here.
As @AmericanAirlines suggested, you got to upload your vid on a video-sharing website like YouTube and give us the link.

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That’s all, huh? Let’s see if it’s a giant hassle or not.

I meant not doing a certain step on a procedure in IF.

Use Imgur or Instagram :)

The website does not support video files so you have to upload online. From there you just direct us to the link :)

Recommend: YouTube

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