Want to pass time at the airport? Why not plug in your PS4 at one of the airport display screens?

Have you ever been at the airport lounge waiting for your flight and wondering what can you do with all that time? Maybe planespotting? Checking out the newest fragrances at the duty-free area? Or just walking around the terminal? Well this man has given us a new meaning of waiting for your flight 😉

The airport is Portland International Airport(PDX). A man is chilling for his boarding time, bored as the lad was(#notanavgeek). Gazing into the flight information display screens, he saw the light, just like at the end of every tunnel, only this time it was in front of him for all this time. Our guy, still very bored, remembered that he had his console, Sony’s PS4(sorry Xbox fans). The only major obstacle was, how could he play his console and wait for his flight peacefully? Why not use public infrastructure. So, the man searches for the input/output ports for one of the displays and finds them, disconnects them from the airport servers and connects them to his PS4, though with lag in the online servers due to airport WiFi.

As the man begins to have the time of his life in the terminals, security personnel urge him to stop but it’s still game on for him. At the end, the man, polite as he was with the authorities, eventually boarded his flight and left leaving PDX authorities and many more with a valuable lesson; display sources and power sources should be protected as they may be exploited by persons with ill motives thus posing a security threat.

The man here seen ‘waiting for his flight’(Src: The Oregonian)


Any thoughts?

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That is hilarious, wish I came up with that first!


The funny thing is that I’m playing Modern Warfare on my PS4 while typing this

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Interesting idea.

Do you normally travel with your PlayStation?

Wonder how high his graphics settings are.

Yeah, all the time. I have a separate travel bag for it and everything😂

It’s all fun and games until he starts playing csgo


Well uh, wow that’s taking things to a new level going out of his way to hijack the airport monitor just because he’s bored.

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That looks like a fun way to pass time. Airports are interesting places indeed :).


Inspiring story :))

Haha this man is a genius! 😂

Why not planespot instead? 😏



That guy is an absolute genius. I can just imagine the security scene playing out:

Security guy: Err…sir…do you mind if you stop and go somewhere else - you are disrupting the airport servers

PS4 guy: Can I just finish this game first

Security guy: Sure!


That’s perfectly fine if he is polite to the security. One hilarious news this week. 👍


Wow thats a new one. I remember in ORY airport some years ago, there were actual PS4s in the gate area, so that wasnt an issue 😅


That guy must be brave enough to do that.


At BOG airport you can play fifa and some other games! You can play all you want without trouble!

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Too much effort

This guy is a genius, pro gamer move there!

Haha, yes, but seems like he wanted to pass a secret message to PDX authorities 😉

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DFW has this available to everyone in Terminal B and E.