Want To Make A Super Cool Callsign?

A new player join and they create a word callsign like SUPER, but it saying in a different way (Sierra Uniform Papa Echo Romeo). They ever wonder why it not saying their word instead of a few words. Callsign is made for a shortcut like N is for November. Ever want to create a cool callsign that is not a word, but in few words like BHG which is Bravo Hotel Golf. I created a topic which shows letter into word. Hope this tutorial help you to make a cool callsign.

Letter To Word
Letter Word
A Alpha
B Bravo
C Charlie
D Delta
E Echo
F Foxtrot
G Golf
H Hotel
I India
J Juliet
K Kilo
L Lima
M Mike
N November
O Oscar
P Papa
Q Quebec
R Romeo
S Sierra
T Tango
U Uniform
V Victor
W Whiskey
X Xray
Y Yankee
Z Zulu


  • Bravo Papa Mike


  • November Two Two One Two Three Zero Zulu (November is for month, 22 is for days, 1230 is for time in Z for Zulu)

If you see a mistake, please reply


Thanks for the help for new players!
Yes, the aviation phonetics alphabet is in place in the app.
Which can also be found in our favorite Google.

EDIT: I literally make no sense


The NATO phonetic alphabet has been in use for decades now… having a complicated name i’ve learnt it by heart so it makes it easier when on the phone; so yeah. it’s a popular way to speak and as mentioned used in aviation, but also shipping and pretty much any situation where saying the wrong letter could be hugely damaging!


Last time I was online, someone had the callsign “Bigdaddy” and the ATC voice actually said it instead of bravo, India, golf, etc etc


Am I the only one here that when they read out individual letters says them in the phonemic alphabet? I don’t really have any reason, I just do… 😂


Lol, that would Bravo India Golf Delta Alpha Delta Delta Yankee

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Let’s say if I want my callsign to be Doggy instead of it being said as DELTA and so on… I put it as DELTA - OSCAR - GOLF - GOLF - YANKEE in my callsign display so ATC will read it out as Doggy?

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Up to some time in IF, your call sign could be pronounced as spelt. I had HAWKWIND as call sign and it would be pronounced. Later IF devs changed to phonetic system. Those who had pronounceable call signs and did not change their call signs even once after this continue to have their call signs pronounced. Deercrusher is one I know who has continued. Unfortunately for me I changed my call sign to include the VA I flew with and lost my pronounced call sign.

So if some one used W4M,that would be Whiskey for Mike?So a guy named Mike wants some whiskey? And if someone used D1,it would be pronounced Delta 1,like the airline?

No, it won’t work because it passed the limit character.

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Yeah, if who those don’t change, they have pronounceable callsign.

It will say Whiskey Four Mike The system say the word and number correctly, there no way that it will say for. A lot of players don’t know what phonetic system, but us like we know what is it. So, that pretty good example, W4M or D1.

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Then it would be Delta Echo Lima Tango Alpha… and everyone on frequency would hate you 🙃

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Yeah it’s as good as troll, I saw someone on expert that put a really weird and long callsign with lots of 9 in it (not offensive) and the controller told him to change or he’ll be ghosted as the pronunciation was hilarious. Each time the pilot and the controller exchanged words I’d laugh.


Lel, exactly

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W = Whiskey

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But, it will say India-Limo India Kilo Echo Whiskey.


HU = Hotel Uniform
BC = Bravo Charlie

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