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hey guys
I do not know where to post this, if there is a thread already for this then I am sorry for making a new one.
I just want to know what mistake I might have made while descending RPLL airport. This post isn’t to discuss why the ATC is wrong but rather why I was wrong. After all, ATC in the expert serve know what they are doing. So I was descending to RPLL airport and there was no approach or tower. I was on the right downwind of runway 24, the runway I am supposed to land on. I do make make my announcement on the Unicom of my inbound. then I notice the tower is now online. I make an announcement that I am inbound on the ILS runway 24. at this point I was at 10000 ft. The ATC told me to check the user guide on help using ATC instructions. Ok at this point I did something wrong. The ATC issues me another message say intentions. So I make the announcement that I am 18nm at 10000ft inbound for landing. ATC issues me to continue inbound.
Now to clarify I have not been penalized. Also there was no approach at the time. Approach did come afterwards and the tower handed me to approach later. I did check the user guide but couldn’t find anything related to my problems on the Tower section. So that’s why I wanted to ask you if there was anything maybe I could have done differently.



That’s great that you’re willing to learn and correct your mistake.

I think a replay file would be better to visualize what happened, would you be able to share it?

  1. Go to ShareMyInfiniteFlight.com
  2. Upload your replay from your device.
  3. Copy and Paste the link it gives you into a reply to this message.


You can contact the controller, or do what was said above. However, I think I know what happened.

“Inbound on the ILS” means you are fully established on the localiser and glideslope after having been cleared on the ILS by radar control. “Inbound for landing” means you want a pattern entry to fly a traffic pattern, which you would do if, like in this situation, you were not yet established on the ILS and hadn’t been cleared by radar. It’s not realistic tbh for an airliner to do that, but that’s what the IFATC manual says, so that’s I guess what we do 😂 but then again, I guess it isn’t realistic for us to be talking to tower that far out anyway, so doesn’t matter I suppose.

But yeah, here I would have said “inbound for landing”.

I’ll try and find the part of the user guide, two secs.

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Is it must for inbound on the ILS to be from a radar controller?

Yes, I believe so, but not sure

No, you can call inbound on the ILS / GPS / VIS without approach clearance. It gives the tower controller some sort of guidance on the approach you’re doing. It has mixed views and opinions, but Tyler has clarified that it is fine and no pilot should be issued a ‘Check User Guide’.


ok will do that. thanks

I guess this makes sense. I will do that from now on

Have a read if this conversation between me and Tyler. It seems that it is fine, if you filed the ILS in your FPL.

from this I can see that announcing “inbound on the ILS” is not wrong. But then again the tower must have some reason for this. thanks for this info. pretty useful. I will upload the file so everyone could see, maybe from there they might pick something

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here is the link. interaction with the tower happens at 10:08:20

Calling ‘inbound for landing’ would’ve probably been better, also you were slightly out of tower’s airspace. I would’ve waited a little bit until you were lower, around 9000ft and then called inbound. In regards to the ‘check User Guide’ and ‘say intentions’, they weren’t really necessary and shouldn’t have been given.


ok thanks. I will remember this next time. thanks for the support!

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