Want to know about Airport Classifications Bravo - Echo

Help please!! I am still relatively new to Infinite Flight. What is the meaning of the airport designations: Bravo, Charlie, Delta and Echo? Why isn’t a designation starting with A used and are there any others after Echo.

The airport designation depends on its airspace:

Here are the basic points though:
Class A airspace goes from 18000ft to 60000ft.
Class B airspace goes from the immediate surface of the airport up to 10000ft.
Class C airspace goes from 1200ft up to 4000ft.
Class D airspace goes from the surface up to 2500ft.
Class E airspace goes from 1200ft up to 18000ft (lower limit for Class A).
Class F in the US is of special use, and ICAO designates it as a mixture of airspaces E and G.
Class G airspace is every airspace below 60000ft.


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Bravo- it’s where any plane can go your talking from the smallest plane to the biggest plane!

Charile- they can accept plane but because of the size of the airport, some aircraft have are not allowed their in chariot airports!

Delta- your talking about small aircraft here! No more bigger than an A321! :)

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Here’s something I did long ago relating to your topic :)

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Thank you for the information helps me to make Infinite Flight as real as possible.

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Thanks for the information it is very helpful in making aircraft selections to airports.


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