Want to do a little flight?

this is a new idea.

If you need a little job for your fake money;)
You can do this on every server.
Here you can find your job. (3 jobs ATM)


- none - - - aircraft F-22 - Pilot: ? - Callsign: Navy 24 For the museam at KPKP


- pass - start GATE C10 - 8 pass - Pilot: ? - callsign: General aviation


- pass - Start gate 5 - 102 pass - Pilot: - callsign: BAW 3719


- CARGO - start gate S82 (B777-200F Lufthansa) -30.638 KG - callsign: LH8451 - pilot: @Mix56awesome

This is NOT a virtual airline.
This are just flights for ppl tag don’t know where to fly:)
Reply what flight you wants and I Will enter your name on it and I make later new flight.

Thanks Dylan S


Would take at least one of them if I hadnt been ghosted 😢😢😢

Casual server maybe?
Or just solo( but then I can’t look;)

Is this casual? Or is this in the other servers?

What you want, all servers are allowed.

I would gladly take the Malaysia 737 route, but I’m busy atm with house work :(. I’ll be in at around 5pm EST USA though.

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That’s ok, the ppl are really happy with you, not they don’t have delay:)

Ill do number 2. Or 1., I dont care

`The village FD verelt (TNCE) need these food and cargo to!

Ill do number 1!

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What you like the most.

Don’t forgot to say when you did the flight, and screenshots are cool too:)

Ok, ill do it now

Which aircraft?

I hope I can get my stuff done before 5pm to do the flight. Don’t want to delay my passengers.

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Im starting at 10 pm, its 9:35pm now!

Read the brifing;) C208 is the best I think, but if is your choice.

I’ll do this one in the 777-200F 😀

Wait can I change regions!

Yes I said that too, ready the brifing, I said for number 1 the C208 and number 2 the 777-200F FEDEX

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