Want to do a flight

Hello IFC I hope this is quick but I was wondering if anybody knows any websites or anything to tell me how much is a certain ground speed to airspeed so I can follow this image

You actually can see air speed on flight radar 24 but you have to have pro subscription.

Currently I don’t it ended

But it would like to know to start my flight

IF will also display GS, so you can just adjust your airspeed until the GS matches up

True I was thinking about that. But not clearly

That’s the best way to do it that I know of. IF doesnt show TAS, and the IAS (even if we had a way to see the real world flight’s IAS) won’t match up because the pressure and temperature are not likely to match up exactly with the real world.

Assuming this is what you’re looking for, you can calculate your very very estimated ground speed.

At or above 3000ft is your airspeed +10
At or above 6000ft is your airspeed +20
At or above 9000ft is your airspeed +40
And At or above 12000ft is your airspeed +50

(Cited from IFATC Manual 10.9.3)

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