Want to clear doubts

hey I hope you’re all doing good
I am 160 nm from my distination airport right now heading to sbgr. I have a STAR procedure ILS01c and this STAR will make me fly overhead the airport directly. Now there is no Approach, only tower. The ATIS does not mention of any special procedure to follow either. So if I am following this STAR is there something I should tell tower or send a special message to tower? Like I want to know before I am gonna miss something. Also according to the STAR I will be approximately 10000ft above the aerodrome directly.

I don’t think you have to say anything to Tower (and you can’t), just contact Tower at a reasonable altitude once you’re past the airport and on downwind.


Following on @Thomas_Cunningham’s message, assuming there is no approach controller, just contact tower once at 10,000ft and 25 nautical miles of the airport and make your request to them. In accordance with your SID (most of the time at least), they will give you the appropriate pattern instruction and sequencing if required to get you to the active runway that you will be landing on.


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