Want to buy a MiG? Now you can!

Yes that is correct! Paul Allen, the Co Founder of Microsoft who passed away last October, Mig 29 is up for sale! one of the most impressive pieces of his incredible collection of aircraft, many of which are part of the Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum at Paine Field in Everett, Washington has been put on the market. It’s widely understood to be the finest example of a MiG-29 Fulcrum in private hands anywhere in the world, and maybe even the finest regardless of ownership arrangement. The MiG-29 in question is a two-seat UB model that lacks the single-seat Fulcrum’s radar. The aircraft, which was used for training, among other roles, was built at the tail-end of the Cold War, in 1989. It saw service with the Ukrainian Air Force during the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Eventually, Ukraine refurbished and demilitarized the jet and offered it for sale on the international market around 2005. It was imported into the United States—one of a very limited number of Fulcrums to have done so—by [amed warbird aficionado John Sessions who runs the Historic Flight Foundation, which is also located at Paine Field in Everett, Washington. Just getting the aircraft to the U.S. was a bizarre and harrowing ordeal, let alone reassembling it, restoring it, and test flying it. The fuselage was impounded in Hong Kong and sat to degrade in a salty-air warehouse for a long period of time before Sessions and his team could finally get it to the Pacific Northwest. You can and should read all about this crazy ordeal in this awesome article.

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How much??

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Gotta call and ask!

Official link to buy it - https://www.mentegroup.com/aircraft/1989-mig-29ub/

Looks cool! I think I’ll be waiting for Ukraine to get rid of some more Su-27 Flankers for me to buy!

You could probably buy one now? lol

Is it flyable? I imagine maintaining it would be a pain!

It sure is

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Probably not, but one can dream…or actually buy it and pay off a massive loan.

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Some of Paul Allen’s Mig 29 Airborne last year

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Oh my dad would love one but…

Storming Area 51 just got easier


2 flights and the fuel cost as much as the plane

I will buy it with my moms credit card 😏


So what use does this have in battle or is in only designed for training purposes

Use to be operated by the Ukrainian Air Force - Now is used to fly for a Museum in the Pacific North West

If anyone buys one let me know, I’ll buy an F14 and we can keep up foreign relations 😉


No cap if somebody buys one I need a ride to storm a51

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Like I know it used to be operated by the Ukrainian Air Force but what exactly are its features


K2 K36DM Ejection Seats (Active)
Cockpit Markings in English


Gun Removed/Ballast Installed
Grey Camo Paint
Centerline Fuel Tank Available
IRST Target Designator Removed

FAA FAA Experimental Special Airworthiness Certificate (Exhibition Group 6)

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It was essentially a training variant, as dual seat MiG-29s have no other use besides that. The IRST (Infrared Search and Track) and high-power radar are removed, and the aircraft has essentially been demilitarized.

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