Want To Be An ATC Operator? [Solo Mode]


My name is Jon W. I am the owner of the Infinite Flight ATC Center!
I am here to proudly let all of you know that we accepting new ATC Controllers and if you are interested, please submit a forum to our website at www.ifatcc.weebly.com, via the contact us page.

Jonathan W
Owner & Founder of
The Infinite Flight ATC Center
Powered By Zello!

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Please make it clear that this is unofficial, for the Free Flight server only. Many would think this is an opening for ATC on the advanced server.


This is a good Channel one quastion do you follow the pilots with live flight app or how?

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It’s not on the free flight server. It’s solo. They state that in their FAQ. I guess it’s to stop the controllers flying them into other players who don’t use the service.

The same thing was also posted 3 days ago: