Want someone fly pattern at KSSC I would like you to come

Hello I’am currently in the testing phase to become an advance ATC.
I would like if you fly pattern so I can train a bit.
You also can come from another airport or fly to another airport.

I would love if you come.

server: ATC Playground
Time: Now
Place: Carlotte NC KSSC

And reply if tou come pleas

Coming, N1MB.

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I also Will come

I am online

on my way now

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I was ATC on KAGS and it is there very busy

@DS2001 Where are you at now?

I am online on KSSC

STOP Saying ROGER Just Sequence or Clear for the Option

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O yes I am srry I forgot that thx for saying
This is the first time I say roger

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Look that why I ask to do this like a training

How many faults I can make to pass the test?

seq me dont wait for me to call you

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Can we do over 1 hour an real test?

im not sure yet for today

Oké do not have time?

Your next test will be only after 2 weeks

What do you mean?