Want some members for starting a VA

This is Janmesh! I want to start a VA and need some members for it. If anyone is interested being a part of a journey and a Dream. Message down below or my PM is always open!!

What type of VA?

I want to start a Cargo VA!

Hey there Janmesh! For starting a VA, there’s a few steps you need to go through first.

First, check ifvarb.com’s VA database and make sure the VA/VO you are creating isn’t already existent or banned due to copyright reasons. Then, you can start working on your VA. If you check the IFVARB website, it’ll list the requirements you need to start your VA, like an Operations Plan, Experience Statement, Website, and more. After you complete those, you can officially apply! Your application will be reviewed by IFVARB Board Members. During your approval process you may post on the thread below and display your VA and the open staff positions like the other users have.

Have fun and best of luck towards your VA :)


What cargo airline?

It’s CargoLux VA!

Awesome! One recently shut down so I’m sure some members of the community would love to see a return.

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