Want some good ifr landing experience?

Oh wow, Thanks for the article. I didn’t even realize IF had the GS equipped. Sorry, Im so embarrassed hah,

  • Ed

No worries. We are all here to help each other out :)

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Appreciate it! hey you up for a quick flight?

Haha. Always. Where to where ?

Lets go KPSP - KSAN playground server? you down?

Sweet. Down. Will see you there. I. Chatqua 1908

What do you wanna fly? 737?

Sure. Rarely fly them. But I’m down.

Haven’t flown the bus 330-300 yet. You down for that?

I don’t got the 330-3 :(

Ha. Ok, you pick.

How about 767

Sounds good. See ya there

ill be “Hawaiian 17 76 Flight of 2”

Cool. Sounds good

KPSP - LOOTS (bearing 174) - SWATT (bearing 215) - FICWO (Bearing 274) - KSAN

sorry my iPad died. got some great screenshots. Ill share em on saturday because I leave tomorrow…! thanks for the flight

  • Ed

That was fun. Thanks :)