Want some good ifr landing experience?

Head over to Sydney region and yscb is ovc 001

That’s 100FT!!


How? I know there’s one in Florida that’s 300 but 100 ft? That’s a rc plane strip

Oh lol nvm I thought you meant length

:) sorry, should’ve elaborated. Yea overcast at 100 feet and maybe 300 ft visibility. Couldn’t see the plane parked next to me. Ha

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Best to hand fly this approach( follow the glide slop and localizer in) make small adjustments or you will blow the course to the point of you chasing the needle. No more than 3 Deg. And as you get closer to the rwy even less.

Happy landings :)

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This was awesome, with the help of @Aernout for approach :)

I decided to take over controls only when I had the runway in sight - I’m glad I had properly trimmed the aircraft!f


That is the ceiling, visibility was 50 meters at some point :)

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I look fwd to days like this. Really pushes your ability to be precise.

Exactly. I couldn’t even see the plane next to me. Haha. San Diego and lax used to sport some decent ifr type landings, but non lately. So when I saw the metar all red I was pretty excited. Red or blue I’m there

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How does your METAR have colours?

Just tap the airport on the map and the bottom left metar will change color depending on conditions

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What @lollip said :)

FYI Canberra has visibility like that at least 2-3 times a week early morning local time. It’s prone to it during the winter down here due to its location.

So for people in the U.S., try it around midday Pacific time during your summer months…

I wish IF had the glide slope indicator on the ILS and not only the runway alignment

Test your skills and turn off Airport Names, airplane names and airplane dots off and see if you can do it :)

Sorry, what do you mean?

In IF, there are LOC & GS indications…

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It has both. In fact it also has a dme. Ha :)

Here ya go mate

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In imc? Haha! I would end up on the grass.

Looks like I will be in Australia quiet a bit then. ha

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