Want fresh air? Open the emergency exit...

Fun times…


On this episode of people are idiots, instead of adjusting the air over his head this idiot decides to open the door and mess up everyones day. Truly fascinating at what some people will do. I honestly have no clue what this guy was thinking.


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At cruising altitude,“I need some fresh air” tries to open the window


I’ve never seen a door like that. All the exit doors I have seen are bigger on the inside so the pressure creates a seal. The ones where you have to remove and angle it to get it out.

Yeah just joking, in real life you can’t open the exit doors at cruising altitude. :)

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Ive sat in my share of exit rows (I’m 6’6" and the agent feels sorry for me) so I know the procedures well and that the door of an MD80 is 24lbs.

That door shown in the picture is a small exit door for the A320 family, yes that is correct at altitude you can’t open the door but this probably happened on the ground. why does this always happen in China?

This looks to be a Boeing 737-800 from the engines and tail.


Yes it’s amazing how you can tell the difference from that I knew by the tail

Sometimes I wonder how exactly this world got so dumb…


Why do people have to be stupid?

what a freaking idiot. that was a pretty audacious move on their part

not unless you like oxygen deprivation… and your lungs compressing to the size of a tin can.

Really. Opening windows on planes. Ohh China…

just another day in the Chinese aviation industry. if you want more examples look up mainland tourist on the SCMP, its the national paper in HKG and there is heaps of examples